Rahul Gandhi questioned PM over COVID-19 vaccination? Will PM answer?

Congress former President and MP from Waynad, Mr Rahul Gandhi listed four important questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination. The only leader at the top who is questioning government over Corona, its management and the planning for vaccination. As in various states, second and third wave is going on. Various states like Delhi are witnessing a large spike in the number of cases on daily basis as well as spike in death toll. State government as well as Central government is claiming that everything is in control but deep down everyone knows the reality.

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Along with this, there are various trial that is going on over COVID vaccination. some trials are in the second or third phase whereas many are in the final stage. Some are claiming that their vaccines are useful up to 90% and more. It is believed that the world will get the covid vaccine in the next 2-3 months for sure. In different parts of the world, governments are planning for their strategies to distribute the vaccine to every single one. But what we are doining? As we have a dense population, so we need more strategies and planning to complete this vaccination task.

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In his recent tweet, Congress leader has raised such important questions that should be answered by Central government and PM of our country. As you know that Rahul Gandhi was the first leader who alarmed the Indian government over Corona as well as he is the only one who is questioning over-vaccination distribution strategies and planning. He is the only man standing in politics right now who is showing his interest in public healths. Rather than indulging himself in unnecessary and unrelevant discussions.

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In his tweet, he wrote”

The PM must tell the nation: 1. Of all the Covid vaccine candidates, which will GOI choose & why? 2. Who will get the vaccine first & what will be the distribution strategy? 3. Will PMCares fund be used to ensure free vaccination? 4. By when will all Indians be vaccinated?

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