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“Desh Ka Carvaan” is an online media platform. Here you will get news on different relevant topics that are necessary for you. We believe in free journalism and hence we try our best to offer unbiased journalism. Before sharing any news with readers we insure the source and the truth in the news. We believe in quality content. Rather than writing more articles, we belives in sharing the truth. Advertise with us, in the simplest way.

We have a great reader base. We reported more than 10000 new visitors per month. And we belives that we will reach soon to 5,00,000 per month.

We provide you with an ample opportunity to advertise with us. We offer various types of ads network including Banners, Video Ads, PodCast Ads, Link Advertisement, Header banners etc. You may contact us on our official mail address

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More about us!

The advertisement process is very simple.

There are various ways available to adervertise with us. You may choose from following option:

  1. Pay on per click : This is the simplest model of advertisement. You have to pay on per click basis. You may start with a little budget of hundred ruppes only.
  2. Buy a post : Buy an article on our website. The every link that will be used on that article will land on your product page. This is the recommended method of advertisement on our website. The cost may be vary as this is based on bidding. So follow the instructions while placing any ads.
  3. Buy a category : This is costly as compared to any other format. Buy the popular category to promote your products. Whenever any article will be shared on this website related to that category, we will put your ads in that article. You have to pay more for it.

So, select according to your needs. Confused about these things, mail us!

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